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Refund reaches a resolution

15 July 2014
Often just a caring and thoughtful approach from the dentist can resolve a complaint, as in this case of ill-fitting dentures…

A young dentist made a set of complete dentures for an elderly patient. The patient thought they were unsatisfactory and wrote a strong letter of complaint demanding a refund.

The dentist picked up the telephone to the patient and offered to see him. He adjusted the set of dentures and offered to remake the lower denture or to refer for a specialist opinion. The patient opted for a remake of the lower denture, as he was satisfied with the upper. 

The patient had an atrophic lower ridge and the remade lower denture was still uncomfortable. The patient did not return, so the dentist telephoned him to ask how he was getting on with the new denture. The patient said he was still unable to wear the denture.

 The dentist offered a full refund, which the patient did not immediately accept. He received a nice letter from the patient a week later indicating that while he was unable to wear the denture, he did not wish to have a refund.

Learning point:
The patient was grateful for the time and effort the dentist had spent trying to get a satisfactory result and also that the dentist had taken the time to follow-up the complaint.
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