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Dental records for general dental practitioners

This workshop highlights the importance of well-organised dental records, to aid continuity of care and ensure good practice. Through a range of presentations, discussions, case scenarios and practical exercises, it highlights the importance of accurate and up-to-date dental records for both patient care and professional defence.

A great event delivered by an extraordinary speaker. The workshop was interactive which helped to keep the audience involved throughout.
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Prioritising good record-keeping

  • Recognise the importance of meticulous dental records
  • Understand how clear clinical entries can help during a claim or complaint
  • Update your knowledge of the legal requirements of record keeping
  • Enhance your skills in making good clinical entries
  • Keep good quality dental records and enhance your clinical care.

Suitable for:

Dental general practitioners


Three-hour workshop
Short lectures
Reflective exercise
Small group-facilitated discussions
Rehearsal of skills


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Three hours


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