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That’s no way to treat a therapist

14 July 2014
In some jurisdictions, therapists must work under the prescription of a dentist. This case illustrates the problem facing a therapist employed in such circumstances...

A therapist contacted Dental Protection following a heated discussion with her employer. The therapist had increasingly found herself being asked to treat patients, none of whom had a proper treatment plan.

In some cases, the dentist had not even carried out an examination. She had questioned him about this and he had indicated that as far as he was concerned, the cavities were more than obvious and that there was little point in charting them.

She had reminded him that she was not a dentist and of the local regulatory requirements. Unfortunately all this was to no avail. With this in mind and knowing her responsibilities, she handed in her notice and subsequently left the practice.

Unfortunately the dentist concerned was not a dental member of MPS and as a consequence, it was not possible to attempt to reach an acceptable compromise or provide advice for him. In the space of three short months he had lost a valuable member of staff, who he was unlikely to be able to replace very easily. To add to his misery, the therapist sought the advice of a lawyer and brought action against the dentist for constructive dismissal.

Learning point:
While it is not essential for all members of a clinical team to be indemnified by the same provider, there can be a distinct advantage when disputes between individual team members need to be resolved.
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