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You are in safe hands

Electives can be an exciting time but, if you are going abroad, you also have to be prepared for the clinical challenges you may face. Communication and cultural differences, together with varying standards of risk management and infection control can all test your professional integrity.

You may come across circumstances and situations which are a legal, ethical or clinical challenge, and we can offer you best possible professional protection, including access to emergency telephone advice to help you through any dilemmas you may encounter whilst you are away. 

As experts in risk management – with 68,000 dental members worldwide – we are perfectly placed to support you.
Get in touch
It is vital that you get in touch with us before you travel to ensure we can provide the correct elective protection for your trip.​​ Contact your rep for more information.

Photo galleries
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As a student member you are entitled to:

  • Access to protection for your elective in many countries around the world
  • Access to our 24-hour international emergency dentolegal helpline
  • Access indemnity for Good Samaritan acts
Studying overseas?
Your membership could travel with you. We have more than 68,000 dental members worldwide, so it could be possible to continue your membership with us in your chosen destination.

If you are planning to study overseas, please contact us to inform us of your change in circumstances and to find out if you will be able to access our member benefits in the country in which you are intending to study.