Communication skills workshops

The Mastering Series

Dental Protection is committed to education and risk management. One of the latest developments in a range of educational programmes is the Mastering series of communication and interpersonal skills workshops.

Why communication and interpersonal skills?
A staggering 70% of litigation is related to poor communication. We want to help you in reducing your exposure to this risk.

As one of our members these workshops are available to you free of charge. Each workshop provides three hours of verifiable CPD.

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Mastering Your Risk

This workshop provides a thorough grounding in the issues surrounding risk management and introduces practical and preventative techniques that improve communication skills and patient satisfaction

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Mastering Adverse Outcomes

This workshop provides powerful training in the effective and ethical management of patient care following an adverse outcome.

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Mastering Difficult Interactions

This workshop provides a solution-focused approach to enhancing your effectiveness and ease when dealing with difficult interactions.

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Mastering Consent and Shared Decision Making

This work shop examines the principles of consent and the specific skills required in adopting shared decision making.

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