Briefing Document UPDATE - Health clearance for HIV positive healthcare professionals

Regional Information - CQC ALERT! Fixed penalty notice - registered managers

Regional Information - Care Quality Commission - UPDATE

Briefing Document - GDC Standards For The Dental Team

Press Release - Dental Protection renews its support for foundation trainers and scheme advisers

Ask DPL - Does direct access affect the use of local anaesthesia by hygienists and therapists?

Ask DPL - Direct Access - I would feel much more comfortable carrying on just as before. Can I ask the dentist(s) that I work for, to continue examining patients before they see me, and prescribing the treatment that they wish me to carry out?

Ask DPL - If a DCP is not working to a dentist's prescription, what happens about consent?

Ask DPL - I work part-time in two practices as a dental hygienist and therapist. I have always assumed that the dentist who employs me in the practice where I work most of the time is ultimately liable for the work I carry out if one or both of us gets sued...

Ask DPL - Working as an associate do I need to register as a data controller for the patient records that I handle?

Ask DPL - I am a self-employed hygienist working in a general practice with two dentists. What difference does this make to me?

Ask DPL - Can a dental hygienist or therapist undertake examinations for patients following the change to direct access and could I provide this treatment for NHS patient’s under my dentist’s performer number?

Ask DPL - Can you tell me if there are any treatments that dental hygienists cannot provide under direct access?

Ask DPL - What has the GDC said about patient's having direct access to DCP's and how will the general public be protected?

Ask DPL - What doe's Direct Access mean?

Press Release - Dental Protection announces 'Journeys'

DPL FAQs on Direct Access

DPL Briefing document on Direct Access

Press Release - Dental Protection well prepared for potential implications of direct access in UK

Ask DPL - Legal responsibility surrounding company administration

Briefing document - Orthodontic aligner applicances

Press Release - Dental Protection comments on PSA report

Press Release - Premier Award Winners 2012

Press Release - Dental Protection expresses concerns that patients may be misled by OFT campaign

Contact Us - New Leeds address

Contact Us - The information we need

Press Release - Details of the eighth Young Dentist Conference announced!

Ask DPL - Tooth Whitening FAQs

Press Release - 60,000 members for Dental Protection

Updated Postition Statement - Tooth Whitening

Updated Position Statement - Bleaching and Tooth Whitening by DCPs

Press Release - Dental Protection launches a new workshop for members worldwide

Press Release - Dental Protection announces that rates will be frozen for another year!

Press Release - The Premier Symposium 2012

Press Release - Double Take from Dental Protection

Press Release - Dental Protection in the Dock - It's a sell out

Press Release - Dental Protection is expanding its ' Horizons'

Press Release - Premier Awards open for entries

Press Release - Young dentists enjoy 'sell out' conference

Regional Update - Northern Ireland

Press Release - 'A welcome development' says Dental Protection

Press Release - Dento-Legal Study Day 2012

Press Release - Dental Protection urges rigour when CHRE investigates GDC

Updated Position Statement - Tooth Whitening

Press Release - Dental Protection supports Olympic dentists and DCPs

Position Statement - London 2012 Olympics

Press Release - The Premier Symposium 2011

Press Release - Dental Protection responds to significant growth in membership in Scotland

Press Release - Scottish dentists pay up to £890 less for indemnity than English counterparts

Press Release - Dental Protection rewards vocational training

Press Release - Further indemnity benefits for dental nurses and technicians

Dental Advice Booklet - Confidentiality (Generic - suitable for all UK jurisdictions)

Press Release - Dental Protection voices deep concerns over resignation of GDC Chair

Press Release - Pearls of wisdom from Dental Protection

Press Release - Expert witnesses could face new dento-legal risks

Interactive Learning on CD-ROM

Regional Update - Care Quality Commission

Indemnity in Scotland

Press Release - Dental Protection expands its 'Horizons'

Dental Advice Booklet - Consent (Scotland)

GDC response document - Revalidation for dentists

Dental Advice Booklet - Consent (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

E-learning Library

Press Release - Young Dentist Conference bigger than ever in 2011

Dental Advice Booklet - Referral to the General Dental Council

Dental Advice Booklet - Second Opinions

Regional Update - The Ombudsman

Press Release - New Dental Protection booklet makes complaints handling advice available to all dentists

Press Release - Dental Protection acts to help dentists with HIV

Dental Advice Booklets - Handling Complaints (Scotland)

Dental Advice Booklets - Handling Complaints (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Dental Advice Booklets - Handling Complaints (Generic - suitable for all UK jurisdictions)


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