12 January 2010

Q. I am a dental hygienist. I forgot and let my dental membership lapse. I've been sent a letter from the GDC saying that I am to face an Interim Orders Committee. What should I do?

I am a dental hygienist and have recently moved to a new town. While applying for jobs, I attended an interview with a dentist who asked to see my General Dental Council certificate of registration and some proof of indemnity. I showed the dentist my GDC certificate, but was unable to provide a current certificate of indemnity because I had let my subscription lapse a few years ago. I then forgot about it and failed to renew the subscription. The dentist subsequently notified the GDC that I was working without indemnity and now I have been sent a letter from the GDC saying that I am to face an Interim Orders Committee. Please can you tell me what this means and what I should do?

The main function of the GDC is to protect patients and it is a requirement of being on the Dental Register that appropriate arrangements that provide indemnity against clinical negligence need to be in place so that patients are protected. The GDC also has the power to convene an Interim Orders Committee if it feels that a registrant’s action is likely to put patients at risk.

It appears that you have been working without appropriate cover for several years, which the GDC would consider a very serious offence. Although your membership has lapsed, this organisation has the discretion to offer assistance if it considers there to be extenuating circumstances which contributed to this situation. However, this would need approval from the Board of Directors.

You can raise the matter at Board level by writing directly to the Chairman of the Board. It should be stressed that because you were not in membership at the time, there is no guarantee what the outcome will be. This would mean the prospect of you needing to make your own representations to the Interim Orders Committee. You would be invited to make submissions at the hearing. It would be similar to a situation where you represented yourself in a court of law without the benefit of any legal assistance.

The Interim Orders Committee has the power to decide that a registration should be suspended, which means the registrant concerned is unable to work as a hygienist (or a dental nurse for that matter). Alternatively, the Committee may choose to impose conditions on your registration.

However, to meet your obligations to have suitable indemnity arrangements in place, it is essential that your subscriptions are paid on time so that you can maintain your membership of Dental Protection.

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