23 March 2010

    Q. I have recently completed a course on facial aesthetics and would now like to start providing treatment. Would I need any indemnity if I provided this treatment at a ‘botox party'?

    When considering providing botox, you need to bear in mind that any treatment you provide as a registered dentist is dental treatment and the environment in which you provide it, should be either the dental practice or regarded as a temporary dental surgery.

    In other words, you will need to apply appropriate cross-infection control measures, have suitable equipment with you to include portable oxygen and emergency drugs, and you will need to make a detailed dental record, respect patient confidentiality, and give warnings in regards to the risks and benefit of the treatment the patient is contemplating undergoing and obtain the patient's consent to treatment ideally in writing. It is particularly important that a patient has not consumed any alcohol as this would automatically invalidate their consent.

    The decision of course is yours, providing you have undertaken a suitable risk assessment however, but the requirements described above does make it difficult to see how you would comply with them in the rather informal setting of a ‘botox party'.

    Dental Protection does provide indemnity for dentists who use botox on facial tissues. Membership categories DC1 and DC2 are available for this purpose and cost more than the basic full membership. However from April 1st 2010 dentists who are four or more years qualified can, subject to certain conditions, obtain indemnity to provide botox for up to 10 hours a week within their basic full membership. The main requirement is for the dentists and their premises to be registered with the Independent Health Advisory Services and to have been awarded their Quality Mark. This new self-regulatory scheme was announced at the start of 2010 and is expected to go live towards the middle of April 2010.

    The Quality Mark will allow members of the public to distinguish between treatments provided by suitably trained professionals working in appropriate surroundings from the currently unregulated activities on the ‘party' circuit.

    You can read more about the indemnity for available from Dental Protection providing injectable cosmetics here

    You can read about IHAS here and register to receive information about self-regulation and the Quality Mark here

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