29 August 2011

    Q. I have indemnity with DPL as a clinical dental technician (CDT) and I have been asked by a dentist to go into his practice and provide NHS patients with dentures. The dentist will he will do all the oral examinations and treatment plan for each patient before I take over the treatment.

    his is one of those situations where the answer should be relatively easy. The only difficulty is that some PCTs do have concerns about CDTs providing dental treatment. DPL has no idea why this arises, but there have been one or two issues in the past.

    Theoretically speaking, the provision of dental treatment by a CDT is no different to a hygienist or therapist providing treatment for that patient under NHS care. The difference

    in that particular situation is that the dentist would see the patient before treatment was provided, and provides a treatment plan to the DCP. The claim to the PCT for the payment could therefore be made in the appropriate way without any difficulty.

    Where CDT’s are concerned however, you are allowed to see edentulous patients without the patient being seen by the dentist first. You are however, not permitted to act as a performer under NHS Regulations as you do not have an NHS Performer Number. Any claim for the treatment therefore must be made by the dentist.

    Irrespective of whether the patient is dentate or edentulous, it would be wise for the dentist to see the patient first and then refer the patient to you with a treatment plan. An appropriate claim can be made to the PCT then for the necessary payment. It of course would be the dentist’s responsibility to pay you, in the same way that he would pay a hygienist or therapist.

    If the patient became a private patient at the practice then there will be no difficulty in you providing the treatment directly to the patient in the usual way.

    Information on the DPL indemnity provided to clinical dental technicians is available here

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