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Subscription Rates

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SADA acts as the membership hub for Dental Protection in Southern Africa including South Africa, and Namibia. Dentists in these countries should apply for membership through SADA.

We offer subscription rates that reflect the needs of dentists working exclusively in Southern Africa and those who, whilst resident and working some of the time in Southern Africa, would also like to work abroad. 

Dentists working abroad on a regular basis need to contact Dental Protection through the SADA office to provide details of the time spent working abroad so that we know that you are paying the correct subscription.

Membership grades information sheet 2016

Working both in Southern Africa and the UK

The South Africa subscription rate is much lower than for the UK, so any Rand payment will be applied as a credit to the appropriate UK grade. Dentists intending to work in the UK for limited periods will need to pay an initial supplementary subscription for three months.

During this time, you will need to maintain your Southern African subscription. Once two supplementary periods have been set up, the UK rate will become applicable for the whole of the subscription year.

Dentists practising in the UK on a regular locum basis should enquire about the YDU grade through SADA.

Before contacting SADA about your membership, you may find it helpful to review the definitions associated with some of the information that is requested on the application form.