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The reported cases for last year continue to suggest that the claims experience is stabilising in Singapore after a sharp increase in the preceeding part of the new milenium. While it is disappointing that the experience is settling at the higher levels we have seen in recent years, rather than falling back to previous levels, it is nevertheless encouraging that no further upward ‘step change' seems to be occurring. The 2000-to date increase occurred from a relatively low base, of course. Singapore dentists provide a high standard of dental care, and this is reflected in the fact that our subscription levels in Singapore are one of the lowest charged to members anywhere in the world. Of course, what we pay out in any calendar year is actually a reflection of the cases that were reported to us many years earlier, since it takes several years for events to work through into actual case experience.

Dental Protection would like to openly commend the mediation work that is being done by the Ethics Committee of the Singapore Dental Association (SDA). Patients who are receiving dental treatment should not feel disadvantaged in the rights and remedies available to them when compared to the other products and services they might purchase in their daily lives. In fact, they should be able to expect precisely the same levels of customer service as from the very best of the organisations they come into contact with, coupled with the high levels of ethics and integrity that one would associate with a healthcare profession.

The SDA mediation service is available to assist a dentist on the rare occasion when a patient's dissatisfaction cannot be dealt with by the original clinic where the treatment was provided. Either way, a patient complaint can be speedily dealt with and resolved effectively without the potential delays, costs and potential confrontation of involving solicitors.
This is good news for patients, as well as for the profession, when their complaints are resolved quickly, effectively and at the lowest possible level.

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