About Dental Protection

Dental Protection is a company, which is wholly owned by the Medical Protection Society (MPS). It exists to protect the professional interests, reputation and integrity of the dental members of MPS. There are more than 64,000 such members in over 70 countries world-wide, served by a team of 35 dento-legal advisers to assist you. These advisers are all registered dentists, with a varied experience across all branches of dentistry, as well as in the dento-legal field. No other similar organisation in the world offers you a team of this size and calibre of experience.

Working in so many different parts of the world, it is easy for us to recognise the signs that consumerism, and an increased readiness to sue doctors, dentists and other professionals when things go wrong, are starting to have an impact in a given country. You need only speak to your colleagues in the medical profession, or to read the newspapers to realise that it won't be long before dentists in Kenya are facing the same level of dento-legal risk that doctors in Kenya are already experiencing, and that dentists already have to deal with in other parts of the world like Australia, the UK and the USA.

Naturally enough, many dentists in Kenya are just as professionally ambitious, and enthusiastic as their international colleagues to use more complex dental procedures. However, procedures such as implants, cosmetic dentistry, extensive crown and bridgework and molar endodontics, to name but a few, carry far greater risks than the simpler dentistry of former years.

More complex dentistry, carried out on more demanding and questioning patients, carries a greater-than-ever need for effective risk management. Risk management is the description given to these activities, which consists of raising our awareness of what can go wrong, and why, finding out what we can do to avoid or minimise these problems, and putting these lessons into action.

Fortunately, the Kenya Dental Association (KDA) has been quick to recognise this growing need and both KDA and Dental Protection are keen to strengthen the links between us.

Occurrence-based indemnity

Occurrence-based indemnity avoids the potential gaps in one’s protection. Read more...

Our assets

At the end of 2013, MPS had more than £2 billion in total assets

Counselling Service

The DPL counselling service has been introduced specifically to assist members suffering from stress as a result of dento-legal issues

Dental Protection Limited is registered in England (No. 2374160) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Medical Protection Society Limited (MPS) which is registered in England (No.36142). Both companies use Dental Protection as a trading name and have their registered office at 33 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PS.

Dental Protection Limited serves and supports the dental members of MPS with access to the full range of benefits of membership, which are all discretionary, and set out in MPS’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. MPS is not an insurance company. Dental Protection® is a registered trademark of MPS.

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