Our Service to Members

Key services

  • Protecting the professional integrity of members.
  • Advice and assistance, including legal advice and assistance in all matters which challenge a dentist's professional integrity.
  • Indemnity for the dentist against costs and damages in dental negligence claims. We are not an insurance company, the benefits of membership are discretionary.
  • 35 dento-legal advisers, who are all experienced dentists with special legal expertise, provide expert guidance and support to members in difficulty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, locally based teams of dentists and lawyers with a specialised knowledge of dento-legal matters support the in-house advisers in all the nations where we operate.
  • An independent and confidential counselling service specifically to assist members suffering from stress as a result of dento-legal issues.

Educational services

Educational material - publications focused on the many aspects of risk management and other issues relating to the dental profession. Risk management products help to support members' awareness of the potential risks in an increasingly litigious environment found in day to day practice. They provide guidelines to support best practice of dentistry within every jurisdiction.


Dental Protection is part of The Medical Protection Society (MPS) which is a mutual society providing membership benefits on a discretionary basis. We regard discretion as an extremely positive feature as it allows a flexibility not to be found in insurance policies. With DPL, there is no contract of insurance or insurance policy - the contract between DPL and our members is based on the constitution of MPS which sets out in broad terms the purposes for which MPS was established (essentially to protect, support and safeguard members in their professional practice) and the way in which requests for help are considered.

The MPS Council - mainly medical and dental practitioners - controls the exercise of discretion and the assistance offered to members on behalf of the membership. Decisions on whether or not to assist individual members are therefore made by fellow healthcare professionals who understand how the profession works and apply criteria developed through long experience to enable our discretion to be exercised fairly and consistently in the best interests of our members as a whole.

Dental Protection Limited is registered in England (No. 2374160) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Medical Protection Society Limited (MPS) which is registered in England (No.36142). Both companies use Dental Protection as a trading name and have their registered office at 33 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PS.

Dental Protection Limited serves and supports the dental members of MPS with access to the full range of benefits of membership, which are all discretionary, and set out in MPS’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. MPS is not an insurance company. Dental Protection® is a registered trademark of MPS.

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