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Here are the answers to some of the common questions we get asked. If you have any others please feel free to contact us and ask, or click here to fill in our enquiry form, and one of our team will be in touch.

Subscription rates

Once we have become members of DPL Xtra, how will our individual memberships be amended?
If you are already a member of Dental Protection your individual subscription won’t be amended until your current renewal date when you will have the opportunity to declare that you are now part of a DPL Xtra practice. If you want to take advantage of the lower subscription rates straight away then please ring the Membership Services Department on 0845 718 7187. Your subscription rate will be able to be reduced immediately, but your renewal date will change to the date the lower subscription is implemented.

We have a branch practice as well as our main practice. How does DPL Xtra work in this situation?
Simply total the number of dentists (and DPL members) across both practices to calculate the cost of DPL Xtra, and remember to include all the registered nurses working in both practices when applying for their (free) indemnity.

If there are a number of dentists in my practice that are part time, do I have to pay the full rate for all three of them?
If you have a number of part-time staff, you can simply work out the full-time equivalent and pay the associated rate. Remember to state this on the application form.

There are three partners in our practice, and we all pay the full (practice owner) rate at the present time. Will we still need to?
Not if you become a DPL Xtra practice, because the additional ‘practice owner’ risk is factored into the cost of DPL Xtra, and after that all the dentists in the practice pay the same reduced rates, whether or not they have responsibilities as a practice principal – so all three of you will enjoy these savings.

Will all DPL members within the practice need to have the same membership renewal date?
Not necessarily, but a DPL member within a DPL Xtra practice may want to enjoy the lower individual subscription straight away, rather than waiting until his/her next renewal date. If a member of Dental Protection within the practice would like to change their renewal date they need to telephone our Membership Helpline on 0845 718 7187.

What happens if a member leaves a DPL Xtra practice or my practice decides not to continue with the DPL Xtra practice programme?
Each individual member will need to tell us at the time of renewal (if they have not done so already) if they are no longer working in a DPL Xtra practice as this will affect their grade and subscription rate. If they are leaving the practice and are continuing DPL membership in the UK they will select a new grade appropriate to their needs. The lower subscriptions would not be available unless they are moving to another DPL Xtra practice.

What happens if someone works part-time in a DPL Xtra practice, and part-time in another (non-DPL Xtra) practice?
Members can take advantage of the reduced DPL Xtra subscription rates if they work mostly or wholly in a DPL Xtra practice, ie if 50% or more of their clinical hours are spent in a DPL Xtra practice.

What happens when a new team member joins an existing DPL Xtra practice midway through the year?
If they are already a DPL member we will change their membership grade with effect from their start date. If they are joining DPL for the first time they should complete a DPL application form and go through our normal underwriting procedures.

What happens if changes in personnel occur in the middle of a DPL Xtra membership year?
The DPL Xtra registration cost is calculated on the number of dentists in the practice at the start of the DPL Xtra year, when the application or renewal form is returned. A change in personnel in the middle of the year will not affect the registration cost, but it may affect the renewal fee the following year when the change of personnel will be taken into account. This approach remains the same whether the number of dentists (or the proportion who are DPL members) is increasing or decreasing.

Why isn’t there a DPL Xtra reduced rate equivalent to every category of membership?
In many grades, the subscription levels have already been significantly reduced – for example, dentists in the first few years after graduation, part-time grades (<500 hours/year), and many of our DCP grades. We have introduced an XT-grade for each of the main ‘full rate’ categories, and even some other grades where some level of reduction already applies, but in fairness to all members, we have stopped at a level where the administrative cost involved would be disproportionate to any difference in subscription levels. We may review this approach in the future.

Corporate membership

Since the relaxation of the GDC’s restrictions a couple of years ago, I operate my practice as a limited company. Can I also take advantage of DPL Xtra?
Incorporated practices (ie, those trading as limited companies) with three practices or less can join DPL Xtra in the usual way. Incorporated practices with four or more practices need to become corporate members of DPL, although corporate membership can be structured to include the same range of benefits as in DPL Xtra.

If you require corporate membership please telephone 0207 399 1335 or email

Free indemnity

If I am a member of DPL Xtra and allegations or complaints are brought against the practice manager or receptionist in my practice, will I be covered?
Under DPL Xtra all practice administration staff are automatically fully indemnified at no extra cost.

Are all the registered dental nurses within the practice indemnified through DPL Xtra?
Yes, all registered dental nurses are indemnified at no extra cost, but they must become a member in their own right and complete an individual application form.

What happens if we don't want to be part of the DPL Xtra practice programme, but we do still want the free indemnity for our dental nurses?
As a practice owner/employer you can still choose a DPL membership category that includes indemnity for up to five dental nurses or technicians free of charge, within the subscriptions you pay. But remember that this indemnity is for negligence claims only, and does not include the additional benefits of membership for your dental nurses ie in respect of GDC investigations, inquests and other professional matters. DPL would strongly advise that all registered dental nurses have full indemnity provision. They can, however, achieve these further benefits by taking out a 'top up' personal membership in their own name. One of the advantages of the DPL Xtra programme is that all of your nurses (no restriction on numbers) enjoy full DPL membership free of charge for as long as they are working wholly or mostly in your practice, and your DPL Xtra membership remains in force. This is not only good news for them, but also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that all your dental nurses satisfy the GDC's requirements, without a lot of extra administrative effort.

Membership benefits

How do I access the DPL Xtra membership benefits?
Once your application is accepted, you will receive your own DPL Xtra toolkit detailing in full all the membership benefits and how to access them.

DPL Xtra resources

If my practice operates from more than one site can I purchase additional DPL Xtra toolkits for these sites?
Yes, DPL can provide you with additional toolkits for additional sites at cost price. See the order form at the back of the toolkit for details.

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