Dental Students Got Talent Competition… Congratulations to the winners!

Our first ever Dental Students Got Talent competition has now closed and no further entries can be accepted. We were thrilled to watch all of the entries and even more excited about picking the winners. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered.

1st prize went to Nathan Goh from UWA who won $1,000 for his ‘Freediving in Dentistry’


"Ever since I was young, I’ve been swimming and have had a love for the ocean. This led to me taking up freediving, a sport that is both challenging and rewarding – a means to explore the ocean! When I first started freediving, at most I could swim 25m underwater and hold my breath for one and a half minutes. Currently I can swim 85m underwater and can hold my breath for 5 minutes. For the future, I plan to improve on these numbers and now thanks to the prize from Dental Students Got Talent Competition, I will be able to use the prize to further pursue my goal by buying an underwater camera! Here is a photo of myself blowing a bubble ring in the pool."

Click here to watch on YouTube.

2nd prize went to Miles Devlin from JCU who won $300 for his ‘Duelling Banjos’

“When I found out that there was a competition for talented dental students I was pretty excited to enter, the only thing was…what was I going to do? Eventually I decided to record ‘Duelling Banjos’ and stick a few other instruments in there as well to make it a bit more fun. I had to record the audio and then the video components for each instrument. I am so glad to have been placed second in this competition and am equally glad that I entered.” (Insert Miles Devlin picture).

Click here to watch on YouTube.

3rd prize went to Paul Vukasin from Sydney Dental School who won $200 for his ‘Clowning Around’

"I saw the talent competition as a good opportunity to showcase my seemingly useless talents and have some fun in the process. When I was a kid my Dad would juggle any kind of fruit he could find in the house. But my clowning interest started when a Professor from my Undergraduate studies got me into juggling by showing me a few tricks. This then snowballed into pass juggling, 4 and 5 ball juggling, juggling with clubs, knives, rings, also balloon making and even unicyling. Thanks to Dental Protection for the opportunity to enter the competition and for 3rd prize!” (Insert Paul Vaukasin picture).

Click here to watch on YouTube.

All entries are available to view on our Facebook page. If you have any questions at all about this competition please contact Mieke Evans at

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