Corporate Membership

'Corporate' or institutional entities in Australia, whether practice groups (large and small), health funds with 'captive' practices, universities and dental schools, specialist professional organisations or a wide variety of other types of organisation, can become members of the Medical Protection Society served by DPL Australia, and enjoy the same benefits of membership as extended to individual members.

Corporate entities can be left particularly vulnerable to claims and complaints which rely upon their actual or alleged vicarious liability for the acts and omissions of dentists and other employees, especially in respect of any such claims that are made after the dentist (or other healthcare professional) who provided the treatment, has left the organisation. Sometimes this results in adverse media coverage for the organisation, which can be difficult to handle without damaging the image and reputation of the individual(s) concerned, or the organisation itself, or both. DPL's Press Office has plenty of experience in dealing with media interest and is able to give advice and assistance with the aim of maintaining the reputation of practices and the individuals working within them.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Medical Indemnity (Prudential Supervision and Product Standards) Act 2003 places no requirement on an individual healthcare professional to purchase the necessary additional cover to provide for such situations. This can lead a plaintiff/claimant to turn the focus of their attention towards the corporate itself, a threat which corporate membership can address.

DPL has unrivalled international experience of protecting the interests of corporate members of all kinds, and of all sizes from single practices up to major public hospitals and companies with 200 or more practices, employing hundreds of dentists and other staff.

A further benefit of corporate membership is the opportunity to involve DPL in reviewing and managing the risk profile and internal working systems and processes of a corporate organisation, in order to reduce the risk not only to the corporate, but also the dentists and other staff working within it. DPL has a wide international experience of working with organisations to develop a positive and constructive risk aware organisational culture, and influencing dental teams in embracing it.

Corporate members can also access DPL's training resources, to assist in the training and personal development not only of existing staff members, but the induction of new additions to the team for many years to come.

DPL Australia Pty Ltd ('DPLA') ABN 24 092 695 933, CAR No. 326134 is a Corporate Authorised Representative of MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 56 058 271 417, AFS Licence No. 238073. DPLA members have access to the Dental Indemnity Policy underwritten by MDA National Insurance Pty Ltd.

DPLA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Medical Protection Society Limited (MPS) (registered in England No. 36142) at 33 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PS. ‘DPL member’ and ‘DPLA member’ means a non-indemnity dental member of MPS served by DPLA. The benefits of MPS membership are discretionary and set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association. Neither DPLA nor MPS are insurance companies.

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