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12 October 2011

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One would not have to look far to find media coverage focused on the ongoing Medicare Audit regarding the provision of services by dentists under the Chronic Dental Disease Scheme (CDDS).

All the major newspapers and news programs have taken an interest, with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald both running a series of articles targeting dentists with catchy headlines such as ‘Demonised Dentists Deny Dodgy Deals’[1] and ‘Dentists Face Tougher Rort Check-ups'.[2]

A recent press release from Dr Shane Fryer, the Federal President of ADA entitled ‘Australian Dental Association Support Senate In Call for Details of Medicare Audits’ has sparked a phenomenal backlash with the newspapers printing statistics such as ‘Medicare has identified 626 dentists for overuse of the Chronic Dental Disease Scheme, 298 of them in NSW – but has completed only 60 investigations. Almost a third had failed to comply with the requirements of the scheme'.[3] 

More worrying are the comments posted after these articles including ‘there’s more than one reason for disliking dentists it seems’[4] and ‘invariably this is what happens when society allows a small, elite group an exclusive right to carry out certain work….you don’t need years of study to fill holes in teeth’[5] or simply ‘Crooks!’ [6]

Clearly, the media can influence the public’s perception of our profession and while we are deemed to be ‘rorting the system’ our professional integrity and profile are compromised.

Dental Protection continues to maintain its advice to our members of transparency and compliance with Medicare when audited.  

Click here for the Department of Health and Ageing's explanatory notes on the scheme.

Click here for the Department of Health and Ageing's ‘Information for dentists and dental specialists providing dental services under Medicare for people with chronic and complex conditions'.

Click here for the Department of Health and Ageing's 'Medicare Benefits Schedule Dental Services’. 

Click here for the Department of Health and Ageing's ‘Checklist for Dental Practitioners’.

Click here for Dental Protection's advice to hygienists, therapists and other dental professionals.

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