Interactive learning on CD-ROM

Members can make a significant saving on DPL’s interactive learning programmes on CD-ROM produced in conjunction with Smile-on.

Communication in Dentistry programme

Dental Protection in conjunction with Smile-on has created a set of six interactive programmes to help the whole dental team develop effective communications skills. Based on solid research evidence, the series strikes the perfect balance between serious content and humorous delivery:Filmstrip

  • The Essentials of Communication
  • Communicating with Patients
  • Communicating with the Dental Team
  • Communication and Consent
  • Communication and Complaints
  • Recording Communications

Click here to view a demonstration and to order.

The complete series is available for purchase on six CD-ROMs which can be used to train and develop new staff members for years to come. 20% members’ discount available.

Key Skills modules

Key Skills in Primary Dental Care Module 7: Risk Management and Communications produced by Dental Protection and Smile-on in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons (UK) Faculty of General Dental Practice.

The complete set of Key Skills discs is available to members at a 20% discount on the normal retail price.

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Other programmes

Savings can also be made on two other Smile-on programmes:

  • Clinical Photography
  • On the Record
  • Oral Cancer

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